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Jitendra Kumar Barthakur




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Union of hydrogen and oxygen producing water as steam gives out two known conditions. Two parts of hydrogen combines with one part of oxygen to produce one part of steam to create implosive force; and that force would produce locomotion. The second property is that the reaction is exothermic and gives out a great quantity of heat. This heat can convert to another form of energy. IEE-X Technology utilises these two properties of the union of hydrogen and oxygen. IEE-X engine let hydrogen and oxygen combine, and let locomotion take place from the implosive force of the union. While the union takes place, the engine becomes very hot; and IEE-X Technology harvests that heat to produce electricity.

Dr. J. K. Barthakur is of the Indian Frontier Administrative Service of the Government of India that carries the legacy of the Indian Political Service. He is now retired. He is  Ph.D. in statistics and writes books on philosophy of science, social science and other subjects. He observes how surely the Indian economy will ruin with the continued import of petroleum, and how sad it will be when coal slurry unloads in the ports of India.  He writes on that subject. India buys bulk-carriers discarded by other nations, and creates facilities in the ports to receive the coal-carrying bulk-carriers. This book is the reaction of a common Indian against the import of hydrocarbon to India. The author invents; and offers the IEE-X Technology to India and other similarly placed nations, who need to stop using hydrocarbon.